About Belize

Name: Belize

Capital: Belmopan

Size: Approximately 8,867 square miles

Location: Central America on the Caribbean Sea. Two hours from Miami or Houston. Bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the West and south.

Climate: Sub-tropical, with trade winds from the Caribbean Sea.

Temperature: Summer: 70º – 85º F/approx. Winter 70º – 80º/approx.

Language: English is the official language. Spanish, Ketchi & Mopan Maya, Garifuna and other languages are spoken.

Population: 315,000

Government: Independent nation since 1981. Parliamentary Democracy, Member of the British Commonwealth.

Currency: Belize Dollar (BZD$). USD$1.00 = BZD$2.00

Electricity: 110 volts AC.

Airports: Philip S. Goldson International Airport. Numerous airstrips and Air service to all main towns and three offshore islands.

Seaports: Main deep-water port – Belize City, Commerce Bight, Big Creek, Punta Gorda.

Telephone: Direct dial service between Belize and all other countries.

Time: US Central Standard Time, year-round.

Entry Docks: Valid passport and onward or round-trip ticket for US and Canadian visitors, visas for others.

Driving: International driver’s license accepted up to 90 days.