Compare Belize


  • Located in Central America, on the southern edge of the Yucatan peninsula, Belize is a progressive third world country. Real estate prices on Ambergris Caye and other tourist destinations,are comparable to Costa Rica They are much more reasonable than real estate prices in other Caribbean and Central American countries.
  • A real estate investment in Belize is much more secure than in any other country in Central America, Mexico or other Caribbean countries. Not only is the law based on British law (same as in America), the Belize government  and law protect foreign investors.
  • Belize is the only English speaking country in Latin and South America – an incredible asset  for foreign real estate investors.
  • The quality of life  – from the air you breathe to the speed of your golf cart – is by far the best in Central America and most other Caribbean countries.
  • The close proximity to North America – from portals in Miami, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York City, and Charlotte –  is another vital  factor in choosing Belize as a retirement or vacation real estate investment.  Other airlines from British Airways to a private Canadian charter out of Toronto are in the works.
  • Belize is still “mother nature’s best kept secret”. Most of the other nations in the Caribbean have reached their real estate and property investment potential. Belize is still undiscovered.